I am Mary Jane (Holwell) Norman. My father was Clarence Holwell of Spotted Island, Labrador and each summer my family travelled there for the summer months.  My father and his family lived on Spotted Island during the summer months but would go to Sandy Hill Bay for the winter months.  In the early 1950’s he spent the winter in Cupids, NL where his sister was married and living.  His mother had also moved to Cupids for the winter months with her daughter.  There he met my mother, Mary (Akerman) and in 1954 they married.  Each spring we would travel on the first coastal boat for the season to Spotted Island.  There my father fished for salmon and cod fish.  In late September or early October we would again travel by coastal boat back to Newfoundland for the winter.  By growing up this way, we had two sets of friends -our summer friends and our winter friends.  My sisters and brother and I continue to view our time on Spotted Island as very happy.  Many of our conversations still start out as “remember when” when we are talking about our growing up there.